lauantai 25. huhtikuuta 2009

Dead Shape Figure on tour

This is the first part of our European tour blog 2009 with Cradle of filth, Moonspell and Turisas.
It`s our fifth day on tour and now we are stuck in the middle of Belarus.

On the first day we had a flight to Heathrow and bus picked us up. We drove to Hamburg and were supposed to play at Markthalle next day.
I woke up on thursday at and Neissu, Juhani and Mohkis were already gone to see the city, Galzi was still sleeping so i went to see the city by myself. I bought some cheap but superfucking cool and stupid UUNO TURHAPURO looking sunglasses from the local “New Yorker`s”-store, ladies side. I got back to the venue and waited for the load in to start. Trucks from England were really late and the thing started to look very bad for us and then it happened, our first fucking show got cancelled because of the delay.
I was really pissed off and started sippin´ beer, then we loaded out and that was the day number one. Juhani and I went to find something to eat, finding that good ol` McDonalds but it was closed. There was some kind of fire alarm ringing nearby, went to check it out. There was fire and smoke coming out from shops and the windows were fuckin` exploding! Then some guy with hoodie ran out, the police and fire trucks came and we thought it’s better to leave. Anarchy in Hamburg!!

Second day, better feelings and Prague. The venue as far as I was concerned was huge. They said that pre sales were 2000 tickets. Local crew handled all the load in stuff and we just couldn’t wait to get our backline on the stage. Juhani and I checked out our amps, me playing with Mesa Boogie Rectifier `cause Juhani was quicker and got the Marshall jvm, shit! The show was fucking awesome, I didn’t get the right sound out from Mesa but it didn’t matter. I found out that you should play the guitar not punch it! Galzi did stage diving and Spencer, our mixing guy pushed the volume off the limit! Hope everybody had earplugs. Then some beer and hit the road!


tiistai 14. huhtikuuta 2009


A year has passed since we toured the Europe with Chimaira, Maroon and The Sorrow, and now we are back on the road again, full time! Our plane leaves tomorrow from Helsinki to London, and from London our bus will pick us up and then we are off to Hamburg, Germany baby... The feeling is incredible when you can just leave your shitty day job(....yeah, 8 hours every day BIATCH) behind you and just go out there and rock!  We are gonna play 2 brand new songs every night, so be sure to check them out... And every time when there is an internet connection available, we will update the diary for sure!(at least Galzi will, because he's the one who wont be suffering from terrible hungovers...)But hey, see you in Hamburg!

And here are the dates: 

16-04 Germany Markt halle Hamburg
17-04 Czech rep Follimanka Praha
18-04 Poland sport hall Krakow
19-04 Poland Studola Warsawa
20-04 Belarus Sporthall Minsk
22-04 Slovakia PKO Bratislava
23-04 Roemania Sport hall Cluj Napaca
24-04 Serbia SKC Beograd
25-04 Croatia Boogaloo Zagreb
26-04 Slovenia Media park Ljubljana
28-04 Italy Tearto Tenda Strisce Rome
29-04 Italy Musicdrome Milano
01-05 Suisse Z7 Pratteln
02-05 France Cooprérative de Mai Clemont Ferrand
03-05 France Havana Café Toulouse
04-05 Spain Sala Penélope Madrid
05-05 Spain Apollo Barcelona
07-05 France Cargo Caen
09-05 Holland Watt Rotterdam
10-05 Holland Lucky and Co Rijssen