sunnuntai 27. joulukuuta 2009

CREATING THE DISEASE: 6,7 and 8 by Juhani

As i'm writing this i wanna tell you that i'm full of ham, turkey, chocolate, liver-box(?) and all other christmas-yam-yams... I love christmas!

...But anyway during last week there was not that much of blog-updates coming from the studio because believe it or not i had to work instead of just spectate and watch while the others work. From Monday to Wednesday me and Kride usually woke up in 12pm and then we started to warm up and lets say in 2pm we started to actually record guitars and somewhere in 2AM we usually decided to stop and go to sleep. I decided to record the guitars by myself instead of some engineer because it's easier AND cheaper to do it that way. And i don't do mistakes in my playing and neither in my life so i just press the record button and play the song and then press STOP... Simple!

The guitar-sessions went prett-hyyyyy damn smooth. My new Dean Eric Peterson V played perfect and it's by far the best non-floydrose guitar that i have ever touched. Seriously, try the damn axe! Uncle Eric knows the best...

About the gear that we used:

So i used my Dean Eric Peterson V and Kride used his FGW Custom Shop Les Pauls. Tokai Les Paul was used, but for one song only. The guitars were tuned to D#, except the Tokai was in D. The pickups were EMG 81 for the Dean V and Seymour Duncan Invaders for the Les Pauls. We didn't use the neck-pickups.

Amp-section was Mesa Single Rectifier+Behringer Tube Overdrive almost all the way. We used a little bit of Krides Peavey 5150 for some of the BIG chorus-parts. The Behringer Tube Overdrive was pretty weird! The pedal costs like 20€ or something and still it kicked almost the living shit out of our Boss SD-1, Ibanez TubeScreamer and few custom OD-pedals that we tried.

The Cab was ENGL 4x12 with Vintage 30's, mic'd with Shure SM57 and SM58. Basic shit...

Our aim was just to get a really punchy and simple rock'n roll tone that doesnt need a second tone to add something that is missing from the main tone. I think we succeeded! Though I was a little dissapointed that i didn't had the change to try out the new Dean Dime-amp for these sessions cause the amps delivery schedule got delayed a little bit. But maybe next time!

So we nailed the songs in 2 days, and the 3rd day we spent on recording lots of different strange noises that we could get out of from our guitars... And we did some "fattening" parts for the chorus-sections also. After that we left the D-studio's and headed back to home to spent some Christmas-time with our loved ones. Next week: BASS. Stay tuned...


Our Manager Tuomas Piispanen from The Stivu Entertainments


Note from Juhani

Fat Douche recording guitar parts

PS. We didn't have the time to close the gates... next time maybe

tiistai 22. joulukuuta 2009


So far everything has still gone quite smoothly, if you don't mind some new song arrangments to every song and serious mind games to talk Juhani out of his own composings...

6 songs are ready with rhythm-guitars so far and Juhani is now recording the shreds for "Vitunnopee2" = "Fuckingfast2". Rest of the rhythm guitars are recorded towards the night and finished tomorrow. Then we leave for some christmas-goofing and come back again on Saturday and Sunday.

Keep checking back. Videos and pics are coming also later on... maybe.

torstai 10. joulukuuta 2009


This is Ere speaking.

I don't know what the guys have been doing here all day long, but at least they had something on the tape when I got here again toda

First, of course, we went to grab some shit from the local Ass-market, because Jew-Honey had some serious shaking going on. Maybe because he had eaten all the candy I brought on Tuesday and the sugar levels had dropped to the critical levels. Critical note: As I'm writing this, he's eating two different candies with other hand and some cheesy-poofs with another. Looking happy thought, that's the main point, huh?

Juhanis paradise

Anyways, I just listened what they have gotten on tape with drums so far and I have to say they sound pretty damn good even without proper mixing yet. Tomorrow guys are going to record couple of more songs with the drums and then it's editing time for the rest of the day.

Osama Kalliojarvi

After that next one in line: Guitars, guitars and more guitars: from 21st December to 23rd December. Can't wait couple of more weeks to get on with the bass-recordings, as it starts on 26th December. Looking forward to that date like a crazy.

Keep checking back!



Wake up call: 11am or something.

We wake up, we take the morning dump, some of us smokes few cigarettes and drink coffee, some of us eat candys for breakfast... and then we are good to go! I play more guide-guitars for Mohkis to play along and after that we are ready to start record more drums. We record 2 songs today. One being the album opener and the second one being a song titled "ForbidNeverAmoralli". Nothing special going on with the recording process of those two tracks... Some tweaking with few fills and beats and then they are done.

Oh, and 8ball Makipaa was suffering from some alcohol-related strange disease so he could not join with us today... He will be probably here tomorrow though.

So only 2 songs left and the intro-track! What the hell are we gonna do on Friday? Oh yeah, edit the drums... "this bass drum goes here, this one here...."

After the drums were recorded we got so bored that we started to play with the food... We took Blairs Ultra Death-sauce and Blairs Habanero XXX Death Rains and combined those two and then we suffered... Or some of us did. Our asses are still ok but i'm pretty afraid of what's gonna happen during the night when all the chili-demons will start to party in my stomach...

Mohkis left the studio-building in the same time as the crew but me and Kride decided to stay at the HQ and head to the local flea-market to search something cool... Didn't find anything really. End of the story.BANNED At some point during the evening we started to jam some classic metal tunes with me playing the drums and kride playing the guitar and vice versa... I think tomorrow morning when Mohkis will arrive to the studio he will like the fact that me and Kride have been beating the shit out of his brand new cymbals... PSYCHE.

After the jamming i decided to CLOSE THE GATES and head to the bed...J

PS. Tomorrow i'm gonna force somebody else to write something in this blog... Peace.

keskiviikko 9. joulukuuta 2009


Oh, i almost forgot one thing.

I forgot to

Close the gates


Today was the day when we got to sleep till 10AM because the studio crew was doing some editing with the last night drum takes. Searching the best bits, little fuck ups maybe etc... A noise of a drumming woke me up and it appeared that Mohkis has already started to record Felix Culpa. Actually i was still taking my morning dump while he was finished with the song already... Fast guy! We raised the tempo a little bit so the song is now few notches faster than the demo-version.
After Felix Culpa, Mohkis started to record a song which is titled "AmoralicSilverKing". He nailed the song pretty fast and after that we decided to take a break AND our drum-producer "8ball" Makipaa arrived to the (HKI)scene.

StudioCrew started to work the drum tracks and we decided to head to the city of Klaukkala and give a finger to the healthy food and seek some fat&carb-fueled shieeeet. We went to the City Market to get some Blairs Death Rain XXX Chips + other important groceries... And of course then we found Rolls-burger and ate some shitty burgers and headed back to the studio where CREW was almost ready to take the next song in...

Mohkis started to track a song titled "Opium2"(working title) and he managed to nail that song to the "tape" pretty fast too. We tried few different arrangements in the end of the song. But hey, we are not having any problems with the recording process yet, what??? This is getting really scary...

After Mohkis nailed "Opium2" StudioJ-ws left home... And Ere arrived into the scene. And oh boy, oh boy i was so happy when i saw what was in those plastic bags that he was carrying...
so WE started to eat like pigs and watch Nightmare On Elmstreet I, II and III... No booze around, no beer around, no drugs, no problems on getting the songs into the tape because of what-happened-last-night, no fights, watching horror flicks and eating candy... Whaaaat? What is this pussy ass shit? Tomorrow we are definitely gonna start to look for some blow, nasty old whores and start to wreck the studio! ...Though theres still 4 Freddys to watch and a crate of candys... But yeah Mohkis is now sleeping and me and Kride are watching some crappy Vampire TV-series and i have a feeling that i'm gonna go to bed soon.

Tomorrow we are gonna record 2 songs and the intro. So lets see if tomorrow is gonna be a little more exciting day than this day was... Phhhhhh


tiistai 8. joulukuuta 2009


Ok, so we woke up something like 8:30AM(except for Kride...) and when we got up, the studio crew was already working Mohkis-Timos drums...

It was nice again to see Jassi, the guy how worked with us on our first album 'The Grand Karoshi'. I think that there has not been that many customers after us in the D-Studio if you look how much Jassi has lost weight in these 2 years that have passed since we last saw him... But we are gonna fix that problem and give the man few euros so he can eat!

We had some problems with the new drum skins(EVANS EC 2)... Well Jassi had some problems with them and claimed that the skins sounded like a pile of turds compared to some other drum heads that doesnt sound as much turds... But finally we managed to get a really good tone out of them(thank you NASA) so we don't need to use Norwegian style tom-samples when we are mixing the mo-fuckin album.

Heres few pictures of the drumkit that we are using in this record:

So it is mainly Tama Starclassic set with
"10, "12, "13, "16 toms and one "22 BD and a Pearl Million dollar "14 snare.
The drum sound is huge i can tell you that! Lots of air and room... PSYCHE!

So after the drum soundcheck we were ready to record BUT before that our drum producer "8ball" Makipaa entered the studio-lair. 8ball is helping Mohkis with some new ideas for the drum beats.

First song that Mohkis nailed was a song titled "MegaNynnyily" that went really smooth with a couple of takes so the fear of the scarry red recording button was not in our presence obviously...great! After "Mega" was done Mohkis played Face On The Nails and that went really smooth too, great succes! After that i recorded some scratch-tracks for Mohkis with my line6 gear and then we ended the day... Everything is set-up now so from now on the recording process should be rolling like a mother-fucking-meatball.

After the crew left we started to really chill out and me and Kride jammed a little bit of old Slayer with our microcubes. Good times! Then at some point i slept a little and the clock is now 2:15AM and we are watching Beavis And Butthead... Wake up call is 10AM for those who have to play. But luckily i played those scratch-tracks earlier so i dont have to wake up! And kride is having some serious gas-problems... Jesus!

Oh, and i just locked the gate

Until next time!