torstai 13. maaliskuuta 2008

Tour Diary #1: Hamburg, Germany (12.03.2008)

Mothafucka! Finally we can say it really is fucking happening…first gig in Amsterdam is done and maybe needless to say but we fucking loved it! Guys from the bands are very co-operative and cool and so is the staff. The most unbelievable thing for us was that the audience really started to warm up during our set, so the name “support” (they had only given us that name in the tickes but fuck it) was right on the target.

No matter how fucking numerous gigs a band does in pizzerias and venues near their hometown, being a part of a production this big is something totally different. They give you a certain frame and it`s up to you how well or bad you manage after that. Being on the stage and doing a show is only so very small part of the day it`s almost redicilous. Still that`s the only thing you`re really on tour for.

Must confess the difference between the pros and us, the fucking beginner-punk asses: we gave every fucking inch we had yesterday and felt as broken as after every gig always before. Despite the fact that there`s still 28 gigs to do… the other groups did the thing much more with the stage-appearance and not so much with pure physics which might be the only way to do it on tour without getting fucking broken after a week. But we`ll see how bad our condition can really get, that`s for fucking sure. No fucking surrender. Life kills.

- Galzi -

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Kaverit hei lisää tarinaa!!! Kotikatsomo jännää. Olkaa joten kuten ihmisiks...!


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Somebody seemed to like your shit. Shit! Good shit!