sunnuntai 16. maaliskuuta 2008

Tour Diary #2: Prague, Czech (16.03.2008)

Greetings from Praha! Just eating some KFC-shit and writing this blog, while everybody else is sightseeing the big city... fuuuuuuck. But yeah, here is some thoughts about the past few days my friends:

12.03, Hamburg, Germany @ Markthalle

The venue was cool as fuck! Kinda like a pit. The show was great and we got a great response from the crowd. After the show, everybody else from DSF crashed into bed, but me and dudes from Chimaira and The Sorrow headed to a local heavy bar. Got pretty wasted there man... phhhh. But I had lots of fun there and the guys from other bands are so cool!

13.03, Aarhus, Denmark @ Train

First thing that I remember from Denmark is the catering. There were like 4 chefs and oh my GOD the food was great! The venue was cool too; a picture of Slash painted to the wall and everything, so... When we started our set, there wasn't so many people yet, but in the end it all looked good so I'm happy with this show too. Although Kride had some mysterious problems with his guitar, so he missed the first song completely, but whatever, shit happens. Denmark rocks!

14.03, Berlin, Germany @ S036

I woke up propably like 9 a.m. already, dunno why... But obviously I was the first guy up and I went and took a walk around the city. It was my first time in Berlin, so obviously I didn't have a clue where I was. I was looking a place to eat, but all the places seemed to be closed. Fuck that. I walked like few hours and after that I noticed that Neissu and Kride was up too, so we went and bought some shit from a local KRÄÄSÄ-store. After the clock was like 2 p.m. we started to load in. After that the usual: soundcheck -> dinner -> the show. The show was great, maybe the best so far! After the show I took the first shower of the tour, nice. No party after the show, just some beer and then we watched some Lihaksia ja Luoteja with Neissu and went to sleep.

15.03, Warsaw, Poland @ Progresja

We woke up pretty early and we were already front of the venue. So we loaded in, and the place was the best place definitely so far! The catering was the best ever, there was like everything for us that we could ever imagine! These are the things that we will never ever see in Finland... And it was the first show were we had some vodka in the backstage. So the local promoter was obviously a nice man.


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