sunnuntai 23. maaliskuuta 2008

Tour Diary #3: Pinarella, Italy (21.03.2008)

Damn, socks and underwears are running out. Kride and Ruikku washed theirs yesterday at Ljubljana and forgot them wet in da plastic bags in da bus, now they're kinda back to square one with 'em undawears... Also finally after some serious investigations we managed to find a freakin' shower with warm water. Four days with only cold water fucks a man up, y'know.

The venue called Rock Planet is located in da middle of da tennis courts, mini-golf tracks and hotels which are closed during the winter season, so not too much happening around here. The guy from the only bar that was open told us that the summer season is about start today and in the evening there's gonna be celebrations all over this place. Epäilen...

Yesterday's venue at Ljubljana was the most u.g. place so far. The city was just fuckin' great and the prices were kinda low, no matter what you were going to buy, drink or eat. So if you were thinkin' 'bout travelin' to Slovenia, but never had it done, we'll recommend to do it big time! The venue just around the corner of the center was some sort of Mad Max influenced circus-lookin' community with graffiti walls and suspicious lookin' buildings and statues, just enough shitty to throw a gig in a real punk-rock way! Yeah!

We did only 5 songs and half of the set we played on the floor and not on the stage, 'cause the crowd seemed kinda sleepy when we started. Gotta say it worked once again to do the moshpit by yourself and we enjoyed playing there very fuckin' much! Somebody hit me with my microphone while I was on the floor and I got pretty much blood coming outta my lip. Lesson learned: when the grill of your microphone is bloody after the set, y'know you couldn't have done it any better...

We're adding some live cam material and some pics as soon as we can have the internet working more than 2 minutes, stay tuned folks!


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