keskiviikko 9. joulukuuta 2009


Today was the day when we got to sleep till 10AM because the studio crew was doing some editing with the last night drum takes. Searching the best bits, little fuck ups maybe etc... A noise of a drumming woke me up and it appeared that Mohkis has already started to record Felix Culpa. Actually i was still taking my morning dump while he was finished with the song already... Fast guy! We raised the tempo a little bit so the song is now few notches faster than the demo-version.
After Felix Culpa, Mohkis started to record a song which is titled "AmoralicSilverKing". He nailed the song pretty fast and after that we decided to take a break AND our drum-producer "8ball" Makipaa arrived to the (HKI)scene.

StudioCrew started to work the drum tracks and we decided to head to the city of Klaukkala and give a finger to the healthy food and seek some fat&carb-fueled shieeeet. We went to the City Market to get some Blairs Death Rain XXX Chips + other important groceries... And of course then we found Rolls-burger and ate some shitty burgers and headed back to the studio where CREW was almost ready to take the next song in...

Mohkis started to track a song titled "Opium2"(working title) and he managed to nail that song to the "tape" pretty fast too. We tried few different arrangements in the end of the song. But hey, we are not having any problems with the recording process yet, what??? This is getting really scary...

After Mohkis nailed "Opium2" StudioJ-ws left home... And Ere arrived into the scene. And oh boy, oh boy i was so happy when i saw what was in those plastic bags that he was carrying...
so WE started to eat like pigs and watch Nightmare On Elmstreet I, II and III... No booze around, no beer around, no drugs, no problems on getting the songs into the tape because of what-happened-last-night, no fights, watching horror flicks and eating candy... Whaaaat? What is this pussy ass shit? Tomorrow we are definitely gonna start to look for some blow, nasty old whores and start to wreck the studio! ...Though theres still 4 Freddys to watch and a crate of candys... But yeah Mohkis is now sleeping and me and Kride are watching some crappy Vampire TV-series and i have a feeling that i'm gonna go to bed soon.

Tomorrow we are gonna record 2 songs and the intro. So lets see if tomorrow is gonna be a little more exciting day than this day was... Phhhhhh


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