maanantai 7. joulukuuta 2009


Hello Juhani here!

Just informing you all that we are now in the studio and the recording of our second album starts tomorrow! The album is called THE DISEASE OF ST. VITUS. The name of the album comes from the Finnish poet’s Panu Tuomi’s book called “Pyhän Vituksen tauti". Galzi has translated and arranged the poem book with Tuomi’s kind help and permission. Musically the album is gonna be much more dynamic and rocking than our previous work 'The Grand Karoshi'. The average tempo of the album is something like 150bpm, so it's gonna be slower(read HEAVIER) than Karoshi too...though there are few fast ones of course!

Recording wise we are gonna try to create lots of ROOM for the drumsound and LOTS OF punch for the guitars... Just kranked Mesa Boogies Rectifier+few gadgets with Kride and that's probably our weapon of choice for the guitar sound. But yeah, clock is now 2.40AM and the wake up call is 8AM... So i'm heading to bed now! Lots of reports, pictures and videos coming from the studio, so stay tuned!

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