torstai 10. joulukuuta 2009


Wake up call: 11am or something.

We wake up, we take the morning dump, some of us smokes few cigarettes and drink coffee, some of us eat candys for breakfast... and then we are good to go! I play more guide-guitars for Mohkis to play along and after that we are ready to start record more drums. We record 2 songs today. One being the album opener and the second one being a song titled "ForbidNeverAmoralli". Nothing special going on with the recording process of those two tracks... Some tweaking with few fills and beats and then they are done.

Oh, and 8ball Makipaa was suffering from some alcohol-related strange disease so he could not join with us today... He will be probably here tomorrow though.

So only 2 songs left and the intro-track! What the hell are we gonna do on Friday? Oh yeah, edit the drums... "this bass drum goes here, this one here...."

After the drums were recorded we got so bored that we started to play with the food... We took Blairs Ultra Death-sauce and Blairs Habanero XXX Death Rains and combined those two and then we suffered... Or some of us did. Our asses are still ok but i'm pretty afraid of what's gonna happen during the night when all the chili-demons will start to party in my stomach...

Mohkis left the studio-building in the same time as the crew but me and Kride decided to stay at the HQ and head to the local flea-market to search something cool... Didn't find anything really. End of the story.BANNED At some point during the evening we started to jam some classic metal tunes with me playing the drums and kride playing the guitar and vice versa... I think tomorrow morning when Mohkis will arrive to the studio he will like the fact that me and Kride have been beating the shit out of his brand new cymbals... PSYCHE.

After the jamming i decided to CLOSE THE GATES and head to the bed...J

PS. Tomorrow i'm gonna force somebody else to write something in this blog... Peace.

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