tiistai 8. joulukuuta 2009


Ok, so we woke up something like 8:30AM(except for Kride...) and when we got up, the studio crew was already working Mohkis-Timos drums...

It was nice again to see Jassi, the guy how worked with us on our first album 'The Grand Karoshi'. I think that there has not been that many customers after us in the D-Studio if you look how much Jassi has lost weight in these 2 years that have passed since we last saw him... But we are gonna fix that problem and give the man few euros so he can eat!

We had some problems with the new drum skins(EVANS EC 2)... Well Jassi had some problems with them and claimed that the skins sounded like a pile of turds compared to some other drum heads that doesnt sound as much turds... But finally we managed to get a really good tone out of them(thank you NASA) so we don't need to use Norwegian style tom-samples when we are mixing the mo-fuckin album.

Heres few pictures of the drumkit that we are using in this record:

So it is mainly Tama Starclassic set with
"10, "12, "13, "16 toms and one "22 BD and a Pearl Million dollar "14 snare.
The drum sound is huge i can tell you that! Lots of air and room... PSYCHE!

So after the drum soundcheck we were ready to record BUT before that our drum producer "8ball" Makipaa entered the studio-lair. 8ball is helping Mohkis with some new ideas for the drum beats.

First song that Mohkis nailed was a song titled "MegaNynnyily" that went really smooth with a couple of takes so the fear of the scarry red recording button was not in our presence obviously...great! After "Mega" was done Mohkis played Face On The Nails and that went really smooth too, great succes! After that i recorded some scratch-tracks for Mohkis with my line6 gear and then we ended the day... Everything is set-up now so from now on the recording process should be rolling like a mother-fucking-meatball.

After the crew left we started to really chill out and me and Kride jammed a little bit of old Slayer with our microcubes. Good times! Then at some point i slept a little and the clock is now 2:15AM and we are watching Beavis And Butthead... Wake up call is 10AM for those who have to play. But luckily i played those scratch-tracks earlier so i dont have to wake up! And kride is having some serious gas-problems... Jesus!

Oh, and i just locked the gate

Until next time!


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