torstai 10. joulukuuta 2009


This is Ere speaking.

I don't know what the guys have been doing here all day long, but at least they had something on the tape when I got here again toda

First, of course, we went to grab some shit from the local Ass-market, because Jew-Honey had some serious shaking going on. Maybe because he had eaten all the candy I brought on Tuesday and the sugar levels had dropped to the critical levels. Critical note: As I'm writing this, he's eating two different candies with other hand and some cheesy-poofs with another. Looking happy thought, that's the main point, huh?

Juhanis paradise

Anyways, I just listened what they have gotten on tape with drums so far and I have to say they sound pretty damn good even without proper mixing yet. Tomorrow guys are going to record couple of more songs with the drums and then it's editing time for the rest of the day.

Osama Kalliojarvi

After that next one in line: Guitars, guitars and more guitars: from 21st December to 23rd December. Can't wait couple of more weeks to get on with the bass-recordings, as it starts on 26th December. Looking forward to that date like a crazy.

Keep checking back!


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