sunnuntai 27. joulukuuta 2009

CREATING THE DISEASE: 6,7 and 8 by Juhani

As i'm writing this i wanna tell you that i'm full of ham, turkey, chocolate, liver-box(?) and all other christmas-yam-yams... I love christmas!

...But anyway during last week there was not that much of blog-updates coming from the studio because believe it or not i had to work instead of just spectate and watch while the others work. From Monday to Wednesday me and Kride usually woke up in 12pm and then we started to warm up and lets say in 2pm we started to actually record guitars and somewhere in 2AM we usually decided to stop and go to sleep. I decided to record the guitars by myself instead of some engineer because it's easier AND cheaper to do it that way. And i don't do mistakes in my playing and neither in my life so i just press the record button and play the song and then press STOP... Simple!

The guitar-sessions went prett-hyyyyy damn smooth. My new Dean Eric Peterson V played perfect and it's by far the best non-floydrose guitar that i have ever touched. Seriously, try the damn axe! Uncle Eric knows the best...

About the gear that we used:

So i used my Dean Eric Peterson V and Kride used his FGW Custom Shop Les Pauls. Tokai Les Paul was used, but for one song only. The guitars were tuned to D#, except the Tokai was in D. The pickups were EMG 81 for the Dean V and Seymour Duncan Invaders for the Les Pauls. We didn't use the neck-pickups.

Amp-section was Mesa Single Rectifier+Behringer Tube Overdrive almost all the way. We used a little bit of Krides Peavey 5150 for some of the BIG chorus-parts. The Behringer Tube Overdrive was pretty weird! The pedal costs like 20€ or something and still it kicked almost the living shit out of our Boss SD-1, Ibanez TubeScreamer and few custom OD-pedals that we tried.

The Cab was ENGL 4x12 with Vintage 30's, mic'd with Shure SM57 and SM58. Basic shit...

Our aim was just to get a really punchy and simple rock'n roll tone that doesnt need a second tone to add something that is missing from the main tone. I think we succeeded! Though I was a little dissapointed that i didn't had the change to try out the new Dean Dime-amp for these sessions cause the amps delivery schedule got delayed a little bit. But maybe next time!

So we nailed the songs in 2 days, and the 3rd day we spent on recording lots of different strange noises that we could get out of from our guitars... And we did some "fattening" parts for the chorus-sections also. After that we left the D-studio's and headed back to home to spent some Christmas-time with our loved ones. Next week: BASS. Stay tuned...


Our Manager Tuomas Piispanen from The Stivu Entertainments


Note from Juhani

Fat Douche recording guitar parts

PS. We didn't have the time to close the gates... next time maybe

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